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The Alfabetfeest is a themed party organized by alpha and bèta study associations from Groningen. As it name implies, the theme usually revolves around a letter from the alphabet.


The A-Team (Activity Team) organises monthly social and sports activities. This committee is based on the previous committees DOEN and Sportcie.


This committee makes sure that important, interesting and fun documents are archived properly.


This committees organizes the Mathematics symposium called Axioma.


All the computers and the servers need maintenance and attention from this committee.


The Craftcie organises all kinds of creative activities.


The education committee is responsible for organising borrel lectures and activities with research institutes.


This committee organizes a monthly 'borrel' in the center of Groningen, which is a get-together with drinks. Besides this, they also organise other social activities like beer pong or a beer mile.


The photo committee takes pictures during activities. These are edited and put online for members as a reminder of the good times.


This committee organizes a biennial study excursion to destinations outside of Europe for the duration of three weeks.


The Huygens committee plans excursions to companies in The Netherlands and organizes career orientating lectures.


The Introduxie (previously LEGAcie) consists of freshmen and organizes four activities throughout the year, for first-year students.


This committee critically oversees the finances of the association and checks the work of the Treasurer.


The KBE committee organizes a biannual, international study excursion within the borders of Europe.


This committee organizes an annual LAN-party where members can relax and game against and with each other.


Every year there is a members weekend with lots of fun, relaxation and games for all the members of the FMF.


The Liftcie organises hitchhiking competitions. Each year there are two competitions, one in Winter to a relatively close location, and a more ambitious one in Summer.


The lustrum committee organizes the activities during the lustrum year of the FMF. This means there will be lots of special lustrum activities, parties and lectures. The next lustrum year is 2019, so this committee is not active right now.


This committees organizes the Mathematics Alumni Student Day. It is a symposium at which alumni from the study (Applied) Mathematics share their experience and the course of their career with students.


The makercie organises a wide variety of technical crafting activities. Example of things made by the makercie are: a weather station and an LED cube. The makercie is currently not active, if you are interested, let the board know!


This committees organizes mathematics activities.


The Merchie maker sure you can get all the FMF merchandise you need.


This committees organizes the Physics Alumni Student Day. It is a symposium at which alumni from the study (Applied) Physics share their experience and the course of their career with students.


The editors that form this committee publish a scientific magazine (Perio*diek) multiple times per year.


Prominent in de Tent is a committee that consists of members from multiple study associations from Groningen. They organize an themed annual party.


The introductory camp committee organizes a camp every year for the new freshmen of the studies (Applied) Physics, Astronomy and (Applied) Mathematics.


The PION organizes board games evenings and Dungeon and Dragons sessions throughout the year.


The FMF-Symposium is the FMF’s largest annual scientific event. Focusing on a specific scientific theme, it features renowned and often international speakers, and is visited by science students of all years. It is open to the faculty staff and the general public as well.