About Us

The Fysisch-Mathematische Faculteitsvereniging considers her date of establishment to be the 5th of November 1959. Counting more than 700 members, it is the association for the Bachelor's programmes of (Applied) Mathematics, Physics and all of the subsequent Master's programmes at the University of Groningen, but we are open to students from across the FSE.

Deepening and broadening

The association pursues three objectives. The first objective is that it wants to contribute to the broadening of the scientific education of its members. This is done by organizing various activities in the scientific field, such as study excursions, lectures and symposiums.

Social activities with students and staff

The second objective is to promote the contact between students and between the students and the academic staff. The former is accomplished by organizing informal activities such as 'borrels', parties and movie nights. The purpose of these activities is to get to know fellow students in a fun setting. It is an ideal way to get to know new people in an unfamiliar city. The latter is accomplished at activities where students and staff work together, such as at the presentation of the propaedeutic certificates and at the annual soccer tournament and barbecue. Also, members of the academic staff always join the foreign excursions and this is perceived as very positive by both teachers and students.

Career and study support

The final objective is to represent the interests of its members; insofar as they relate to their studies or future work environment. Activities such as company visits and business days for science students (B├Ęta Business Days) belong in this list. The FMF also participates in the national student meetings SPIN (Studenten Physica In Nederland) and the WISO (Wiskunde en Informatica Studieverenigingen Overleg) to represent shared interests. Contact with other study associations within FSE is maintained through the SAM (Study Associations Meeting).

Furthermore, the association supports the academic progress of its members by offering discounted textbooks. With the extensive examination database students can prepare for their exams and tests. This archive is accessible for all students.