Hendrik de Waard

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Professor Hendrik de Waard (1922-2008)

Professor Hendrik de Waard Professor de Waard was born in Groningen on April 20, 1922, where he was raised and educated. He attended the City Gymnasium from 1934-1940 and studied at the University of Groningen from 1940 through the World War, except for two years until 1949 majoring in Physics and Mathematics. In 1954, he received his doctorate based on his thesis entitled "scintillation coincidence studies of the decay of 181Hf and 193Os and the isomerism of odd proton nuclei". After a lectorate in Stockholm, he returned to Groningen in 1955, he received a lectorate Experimental Physics in 1956 and received a full professorate in 1958 in the same discipline.

Professor Hendrik de Waard has received numerous honors and recognitions, including Award of Membership into the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science, Fellowship to the American Physical Society, Steinmetz Medal of The Netherlands Society of "Volksuniversiteiten", and Honorary Membership to the European Physical Society.

In rememberance of Hendrik de Waard

On August 11th of 2008 Professor Hendrik de Waard passed away. Some words spoken on his funeral by his daughter Anita, colleague Wim Mook, close friend and fellow radio enthousiast Dolf van der Paauw and his son-in-law Bert Steenge are available (in Dutch) in PDF-format below. The Vereniging voor Experimenteel Radio Onderzoek Nederland (VERON), of which Hendrik de Waard was an active member.

Hendrik de Waard and the FMF

Professor Hendrik de Waard was the first honorary member of the FMF, the study association for students in physics, astronomy, mathematics and computer science at the university of Groningen. After his retirement as professor at the University of Groningen, the foundation "Professor Hendrik de Waard" was founded by the FMF.