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FMF Symposium 2020 - Chain Reactions

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February 25, 2021 9:00 AM


The symposium of this year will take place on the 25th of February, with four very exciting speakers, as well as a workshop. The theme of the year is "Chain Reactions", as, no doubt, the hottest topic of this year was COVID-19. The virus started in a small market and with more and more people interacting, exponentially spread around the whole world, reminiscent of a chain reaction.

This topic, obviously, is not only about the spread of the virus. It’s open to many different interpretations by Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics. Firstly, you can think of the countless “chain reactions” in naturein the nature, such as chemical or nuclear reactions. You might even want to consider the very existence of the universe as a chain reaction.

The topic also reminds one of ‘going from small to big’. This invites a discussion of how the building blocks of matter make up a larger structure, such as how quantum effects in electrons disappear in the largerin larger scale. You can even interpret the topic as a literal chain reaction, like the fall of a domino chain, and discuss the complex Physics and Mathematics behind that notion.

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