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Februari 2018

Borrellecture: ESRIG 20-02-18

Uli Dusek will tell us about her topic of research: air pollution!

Swimming at Kardinge 21-02-18

Alfabetfeest 22-02-18

We survived the first month of the year already, the exams are almost over (luckily) and we are starting with a brand new semester. This means brand new activities! One of these activities is the annual Alphabet Party.

Throne of Games VI LAN 23-02-18

A weekend of games and tournaments in the Bernoulliborg Study Landscape!

Borrellecture: Kapteyn Institute 27-02-18

Pratika Dayal of the Kapteyn Institute will tell us about her topic of research: Dark Matter!

Board games w/ Chinese food 28-02-18

Play board games against you (least) favorite FMFer! Chinese food is available for the low low price of only €5,-.

Order FMF-Sweaters 28-02-18

The Merchie is selling FMF-sweaters. Order now!

Maart 2018

Integration Competition 01-03-18

Mathematica is to recreate the MIT integration Bee

Can you make the best catapult? 05-03-18

Have you ever dreamed of crushing the opposition with a piece of medieval engineering? Join us in this event where we hone our catapult making skills with: a forest of popsicle sticks and a sea of rubber bands! Contend for the right to be crowned monarch in the battle that decides whose design is best!

ASML Computer Science Excursion Day 08-03-18

Join the excursion day Computer Science at ASML!