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May 2019

Karaoke Borrel 5/21/19

Join us for a fun karaoke night in the city centre!

Axioma 5/22/19

The annual mathematics symposium organised by the FMF. Four speakers from within the Netherlands will talk about their favourite mathematical topics. More information and subscription on axioma.fmf.nl.

Dungeons and Dragons: A Salty Adventure 5/23/19

Aye matey, are ya brave enough to partake in this voyage? We offer a haul of Chinese food for a small fee of a maximum of 500 cents.

Members Weekend 5/24/19

Member's Weekend! Sign up for a fun-packed weekend with your most favourite FMF members. Sign up: https://tinyurl.com/Lecie2019

Excursion to Belsimpel 5/27/19

Find out what working at Belsimpel Groningen is like.

Dodgeball with Sirius A 5/28/19

Relive your high school P.E. memories in an intense dodgeball event. Note that the title says /with/ Sirius A, but we all know it will be /against/ them.

Open Stage Night 5/29/19

Show off your talents! Anything goes. Enroll your act at the FMF room, and specify the materials you might need.

Football Tournament 5/31/19

The annual football tournament is for everyone at the faculty: students, researchers, professors - not only FMF members! Full description and link to sign-up are inside.

FMF Barbecue 5/31/19

The annual FMF barbecue after the football tournament! Sign up at: https://forms.gle/xi99knqe1dSWGG6QA