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December 2017

LaTeX Beginners Course 11-12-17

Location changed! The start of using latex can be hard. During this active session we will combine a lecture and a tutorial to teach you how to do the basics in LaTeX.

General Members Assembly 12-12-17

We will discuss how the association is doing and give an idea of what the board has been doing for the past few months.

NIXX Bios: Jagten 13-12-17

Join us for an evening with pizza and a good movie.

Felicitatieborrel 13-12-17

You can congratulate the board for becoming board with free drinks at the Heerenhuis.

Cookie Decorating 14-12-17

A fun activity organised by the MeisCie! If you want to unleash your creativity you can definitely do it here! We will provide cookies and frosting so you'll be able to make a masterpiece out of the cookies :)