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Maart 2017

Borrellezing: Gradient Meshes and Beyond 28-03-17

Borrellezing over nieuwe ontwikkelingen in vector graphics en wetenschappelijke visualisaties.

Board information hour 29-03-17

De sollicitaties voor bestuur worden voor 2017-2018 openen deze woensdag. Als je interesse hebt, kom langs op het bestuursinformatie uurtje om meer te weten te komen over het doen van bestuur.

Back to School Sports 29-03-17

Would you like to relive the past and play the sports we all did in high school? Enjoy 'apenkooi' and 'trefbal' together with fellow FMF-Members!

ASML Excursion day Physics 30-03-17

On March 30, the FMF goes, together with T.F.V. "Professor Francken", on an excursion to ASML! During this interesting and informative day ASML shows you what they do as a lithography machine manufacturer and what the daily challenges are for their engineers. The program consists of a number of short presentations, a campus tour, a visit to their Experience Center, a case study and we finish the day with an informal drink. Click on this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShYWUlJ2FZs) to get the gist of lithography at ASML.

Kamerborrel 31-03-17

Een gratis borrel in de FMF kamer

April 2017

Kamerborrel 14-04-17

Gratis bier?!

NAS-dag 25-04-17


Mei 2017

Ledenweekend 19-05-17

Hét weekend waar je bij wil zijn als échte FMF'er!!! Als je hét meest relaxte, sociaal als u wilt maar hoeft niet ofzo, en vol met leuke activiteiten. Belangrijkste activiteiten: gratis drankjes!

Juni 2017

Excursion Kiev & Chernobyl Ukraine 02-06-17

This June (2 to 8) the Huygens-committee of the FMF is planning a 7 day long (nuclear) energy themed excursion to Kiev and Chernobyl Ukraine. During the trip several companies, research institutions and universities will be visited. Furthermore, the rich cultural heritage of Kiev will be explored and a visit to the nuclear power plant of Chernobyl and the neighboring ghost town of Pripyat will be conducted. If you would like to sign up for the excursion, please do so via www.fmf.nl or by sending an email to huygens@fmf.nl. The registration is open until Monday 13 March, 23:59. An information session will be held in the week after the said deadline. In order to successfully organize the excursion we ask the participants to pay a fee of 200 euros. The participation fee includes travel costs to and from Ukraine, residence and necessities. The payment is split into two parts of 100 euros, the first part is due by Wednesday 15 march, 23:59. If you have any questions please send an email to huygens@fmf.nl.