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January 2020

Practice Session Analysis 1/27/20

A three hour session where students go over an old exam with the supervision of TA's of the course. Provided with coffee and tea.

Brexit Kamerborrel 1/31/20

On January 31st the British will officially succeed from the EU. Come celebrate this with FREE themed drinks and snacks

February 2020

FeedBakBorrel 2/3/20

Let the board know what you think of them, feed them with your opinion!

Board Games Evening 2/4/20

Come play board games with us in the NB Canteen on Tuesday, February 4th!

Ice Skating Clinic 2/6/20

It Giet Oan! Join the A-Team in Ice-skating with Tjas at Kardinge. Bring gloves. Bring skates (or rent them)

HdW Lecture: Movement, Muscles and Molecular Motor 2/11/20

Locomotion is easily recognized on human scale, but do you know what the smallest (observed) autonomous movement in nature is? How do the building blocks of life move on a molecular level? Physicist Kees Storm (TUe) studies the mechanical properties of biological soft matter and mimics Nature's Ways to create new materials. In this Hendrik de Waard lecture he will explore the principle of motion.