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April 2018

Board games w/ Chinese food 25-04-18

Play board games against you (least) favorite FMFer! Chinese food is available for the low low price of only €5,-.

Math Carnival 30-04-18

Once again the Math Carnival is upon us. Join us on the 30th of April to solve fun mathematics problems with your friends! You can also subscribe and get a pizza of your choice for 4€.

Mei 2018

Active Members Dinner 01-05-18

Are you active within the association? We will thank you for your work with this free dinner!

Brunel Top job Workshop 03-05-18

Find out what drives you in your future job

Master and Industrial Research Project Symposium 04-05-18

Come to the MIRP symposium, to find out what you can do during the second year of your Master (Applied) Physics!

Meet-Up@ARCNL 16-05-18

Possibility for Master internships and PhD positions! Get to know ARCNL through presentations and lab tours and learn about fundamental research related to EUV lithography

Membersweekend 25-05-18

Subscrive now for the Membersweekend of 2018! Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdY1gf4M73eClHOfh7cMOrPG0PXi0Ubm6T06DbUA55rEAm0hg/viewform