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February 2020

Board Games Night 2/27/20

Join us for board games, snacks, and Chinese food in the NB Canteen!

Representatie Kamerborrel 2/28/20

March 2020

Catch-up session: Metric & Topological Spaces 3/3/20

A quick refresher and an opportunity to ask questions for the course M&T Spaces!

Physics Alumni Day 3/4/20

Three alumni will come back to Groningen for a day to tell us about their working life after graduating with a Physics degree.

Borrel Lecture Marcos Guimaraes 3/10/20

A borrel lecture by Marco Guimaraes

Catch-up session: Geometry 3/11/20

A quick refresher for what is discussed so far in the course and an opportunity to ask questions!

April 2020

Practice Session: Functional Analysis 4/2/20

Go through an old exam together and with guidance of TA's!

Practice Session: Linear Algebra 2 4/3/20

Practice for your exam together with an old exam and under guidance of TAs

May 2020

Open Stage Night 2020 5/22/20

Do you have a talent you want to show off? Do you not have a talent, but want to show off anyway? Do you want to watch your fellow FMF members being awesome? Then come to the Open Stage Night!