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Februari 2019

Elfbierentocht 20-02-19

Information and subscription at [escalacie.nl/elfbierentocht](http://escalacie.nl/elfbierentocht).

Board Games Evening with Pizza 19-02-19

Play board games with your friends (and enemies) at the FMF!

Physics Masterday 15-02-19

The Masters Day for Physics will be held February 15th in the Auditorium building at the TU Eindhoven from 14:30 till 18:00 o' clock.

Alfabetfeest: Saint or Sinner 14-02-19

The yearly Alphabet party is this year themed after the letter S! This is a party organised together with many study associations in Groningen.

Borrellecture TNO 14-02-19

Jelle Nauta, an old FMF (board) member, will tell us something about Quantum Computing and working at TNO.

Borrel at 't Gat 13-02-19

For the remainder of the year, the monthly FMF borrel will take place at one of the most "vuige" (sorry, this is hard to translate) bars of Groningen: 't Gat!

Pink Room Drinks 08-02-19

Join us for some free drinks and snacks! We will take care of appropriate decorations.

Capgemini Case Afternoon 07-02-19

Capgemini will visit us with an interesting case on dimensional modelling.

Borrellecure dr. Alef Sterk 05-02-19

Enjoy a lecture by the great Alef Sterk about patterns in random dynamics, and follow it up with some free beer, soda & snacks in a social drinks afterwards

Room Drinks (Music Carrousel) 01-02-19

Have some drinks with your fellow FMFers! Theme: "Music Carrousel"!