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July 2019

Last Room Drinks 7/12/19

The last opportunity to have free drinks in the FMF room.

The Last Boardgames evening 7/3/19

This is the last Boardgames evening that this year's Pion organises for the lovely people of the FMF. This will be an amazing event that will be discussed for eons to come! There will also be Chinese food for up to 5 euros.

General Members Assembly 7/1/19

Be involved in the behind the scences policy making of the FMF. Agenda and documents will be available on the FMF website, under my drive.

June 2019

Kamerborrel 6/28/19

Enjoy some free drinks to celebrate the end of the final exam week

Short GMA 6/27/19

Decide if we can officially have a GMA on the first of July

Escalatieborrel 6/12/19

Escalacie's last borrel of this year!

Publecture Elmer Sterken 6/11/19

Enjoy some physics & mathematics lectures in a pub!

Room Drinks 6/7/19

Taste the home brewed FMF beer some enthusiastic members created!

Candidate Board Announcement 6/6/19

We will officially announce the candidate 61st board of the FMF. Announcement at 22:00.

Flunkyball Tournament- escalacie.nl/flunkyball 6/5/19

SIGN UP AT escalacie.nl/flunkyball ! Show your athletic ability and beer drinking skills by throwing a projectile at a bottle and downing your beer the fastest! This is the renowned German tradition of Flunkyball, one you don't want to miss out on! Sign up in teams of 4! Or just sign up and we'll find you a team!