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June 2019

Escalatieborrel 6/12/19

Escalacie's last borrel of this year!

Publecture Elmer Sterken 6/11/19

Enjoy some physics & mathematics lectures in a pub!

Room Drinks 6/7/19

Taste the home brewed FMF beer some enthusiastic members created!

Candidate Board Announcement 6/6/19

We will officially announce the candidate 61st board of the FMF. Announcement at 22:00.

Flunkyball Tournament- escalacie.nl/flunkyball 6/5/19

SIGN UP AT escalacie.nl/flunkyball ! Show your athletic ability and beer drinking skills by throwing a projectile at a bottle and downing your beer the fastest! This is the renowned German tradition of Flunkyball, one you don't want to miss out on! Sign up in teams of 4! Or just sign up and we'll find you a team!

May 2019

FMF Barbecue 5/31/19

The annual FMF barbecue after the football tournament! Sign up at: https://forms.gle/xi99knqe1dSWGG6QA

Football Tournament 5/31/19

The annual football tournament is for everyone at the faculty: students, researchers, professors - not only FMF members! Full description and link to sign-up are inside.

Open Stage Night 5/29/19

Show off your talents! Anything goes. Enroll your act at the FMF room, and specify the materials you might need.

Dodgeball with Sirius A 5/28/19

Relive your high school P.E. memories in an intense dodgeball event. Note that the title says /with/ Sirius A, but we all know it will be /against/ them.

Excursion to Belsimpel 5/27/19

Find out what working at Belsimpel Groningen is like.