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December 2023

Mathematics Coffee Afternoon 12/8/23

Karaoke Night! 12/6/23

Time to sing your heart out at The End!

Pinterklaas borrel 12/1/23

Put out your shoe at the FMF room and receive a gift the next day!

November 2023

Ice Skating with YER 11/29/23

Come Ice Skating with YER on the 29th of November!

Physics Coffee Afternoon 11/24/23

What's it like to work as a researcher or professor? Or how is life as a PhD? Join our Physics Coffee Afternoon and find out! It will be held on 24th of November, 13:30-15:00 in the NB canteen. This is nothing else than a chance to chat and network with professors and other staff members working in the field of (Applied) Physics! Among others, you can meet researchers from VSI and ZIAM, which are two of our research institutes. We will organise a mathematics coffee afternoon later in the block.

Apenkooien 11/22/23

Join A-Team in an exciting game of Apenkooien, a true Dutch classic

Potter evening (clay modeling) 11/17/23

Come with us on Friday the 17th of November for a cozy autumny evening of pottery (clay modeling)! Let out your creativity and make beautiful figurines with your friends while enjoying tea and cake. The clay will be provided, and you can later take your figurines home! There is a 1,50 fee for this event, sign up with the following link:

Dies Borrel 11/15/23

Esteemed members, it is time for the most elated kamerborrel of the year! We are celebrating our Dies Natalis, which is the birthday of our association, in spactacular fashion on Wednesday the 15th of November. FMF was founded on the 5th of November 1959, so it has now succesfully completed its 64th year, going on 65. During this borrel we'll provide you with snacks, drinks (both alcoholic and non alcoholic) and a great time. To make it a true celebration and birthday party, we will host a "birthday cake" baking contest! You can, of course, follow your own definition of a "birthday cake", which can range from cupcakes to a pie. The winner will obviously be rewarded accordingly! So make sure to show up to give our beloved association the celebration it deserves!

October 2023

Halloween Kamerborrel 10/27/23

Do you dare enter the FMF room on this frightful night? If so, we will be waiting for you to come celebrate FantoM Festival with us this Friday. Free drinks and snacks will be provided, as well as a murder game that will be ongoing throughout the party. If you are interested, you will get the chance to sign up on spot, when we will also further explain the rules. Dress up accordingly to blend in with the ghosts, and good luck trying to survive the evening!

Call of Cthulhu One-shot 10/25/23

Clear Sterling's Name and Witness the Horrors! Art is provided, along with pizza for 4.50 euros!