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General Members Assembly

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September 24, 2020 5:00 PM
Blackboard Collaborate


This General Members Assembly (GMA) will take place on Thursday September 24th and start at 17:00. Like the previous few GMAs it will be held online, through Blackboard Collaborate. A link will be posted here later. Unlike the previous GMAs, at this one we will not discuss any statute changes. Instead, we will discuss (among other things) the policy evaluation and financial result of the 61st board, policy plan and budget of the candidate board, and hopefully install the candidates as the new board for the academic year 2020-2021.

Please note that the agenda has seen some slight changes since last week. The documents are available on the FMF Nestor page. If you have any questions about this GMAs you can email us at board@fmf.nl.


  1. (17:00) Opening
  2. (17:00) Establishing Agenda
  3. (17:10) Points of Action
  4. (17:15) List of Mail
  5. (17:20) List of Activities
  6. (17:30) Announcements from the Board
  7. (17:40) Announcements from GMA Committees
    (a) Kascie (audit committee)
  8. (17:50) Announcements from Allied Organisations
    (a) Stichting Hendrik de Waard
    (b) Stichting GBE-FMF
    (c) B├Ęta Business Days (BBD)
    (d) Expedition Strategy
  9. (18:05) HR Changes - For Approva
  10. (18:35) Membership of Hannah Jager
  11. (18:50) Policy Evaluation of the 61th Board of the FMF - For Approval
  12. (19:10) Financial evaluation of the 61th board of the FMF - For Approval

    (19:40) Break (30 min)

  13. (20:10) Resuming the Meeting
  14. (20:15) Presentation of the Policy Plan of the Candidate Board - For Discussion
  15. (20:45) Presentation of the Budget of the Candidate Board - For Discussion
  16. (21:10) Board Transition
  17. (22:00) Installation New Audit Committee - For Approval
  18. (22:15) List of Installed and Relieved Committee Members
  19. (22:30) Presentation about Sand (by Floris Drent)
  20. (22:35) Any Other Business
  21. (23:00) Question Round
  22. (23:15) Closing