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General Members Assembly

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September 16, 2020 5:00 PM
Blackboard Collaborate


This GMA will take place on Wednesdya September 16th, and start at 17:00. Like the previous GMAs, this one will be held online, through Blackboard Collaborate. A guest link for the session can be found here. The session opens half an hour beforehand.

This will be the fourth and final GMA in the series of GMAs where we decide on changes to the statutes of the FMF. At this GMA we will vote on the second set of changes, which includes adding a new membership type and suspension policies, among other things. You can find the agenda below. The documents for this GMA will be available on the FMF Nestor page and at mijnfmf.nl.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at board@fmf.nl!


  1. (17:00) Opening
  2. (17:00) Establishing Agenda
  3. (17:05) Minutes of the GMA of June 12, 2020 - For Approval
  4. (17:15) Points of Action
  5. (17:20) List of Mail  
  6. (17:25) Announcements from the Board
  7. (17:30) Announcements from GMA Committees
    1. Kascie (audit committee)
  8. (17:40) Announcements from Allied Organisations
    1. Stichting Hendrik de Waard
    2. Stichting GBE-FMF
    3. Bèta Business Days (BBD)
    4. Expedition Strategy
  9. (17:50) Statute Changes - For Approval

    (18:50) Break (20 min)
  10. (19:10) Resuming the Meeting
  11. (19:15) HR Changes- For Discussion and Approval
  12. (19:45) Any Other Business
  13. (19:55) Question Round
  14. (20:00) Closing