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LES: Ernst for President

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22 mei 2018 17:00
NB 5115.0004


Abstract: After his remarkable election to Teacher of the Year – in which he obtained 107% of the votes – today's speaker was asked by the Ministry of Internal Affairs as an expert on election fraud.

For the past few years he has assisted the Committee Van Beek, who has been asked by the Minister to make a recommendation about the re-introduction of electronic voting in the Netherlands. The committee recommends the introduction of a ballot printer with which the voter prints the name of the selected candidate or party on a paper ballot. Then an electronic vote counter count the paper ballots. The idea is that electronic counting is faster and probably more accurate than manual counting of the ballots.

Strict technical specifications have been put in place to assure the accuracy of the electronic vote counter. However, the committee believes that it is not enough to rely on those requirements. It has asked today's speaker whether it was possible to construct simple and legally valid statistical tests to assure a certain level of confidence in the accurate performance of the vote counter. Today's talk will explore his interesting Odyssey.