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Dungeons & Dragons evening: "A warm farewell"

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23 maart 2017 17:00
Nijenborgh 4 Canteen


Have you ever explored your own imagination? Have you ever smacked evil goblins or bartered over magical items? Did you ever wish for the strength of a bull, or the pale sexy long legs of a female druidic wood elf?

On March 23, at 17:00 in the Nijenborgh canteen, PION presents this year's second Dungeons & Dragons evening. Set in the same world as the previous campaign "A cold welcome", the story "A warm farewell" confronts the player with the struggles of a crumbling society, collapsing under the pressure of two epic forces. Two powerful entities go head to head, trying to seize control, to rise to power. Which side will you choose?

Around 19:00 there will be Chinese food from restaurant Ou Hai. Dungeons & Dragons evening: "A warm farewell" is perfect for first time players, just pick a character and explore the world we have in mind! You can sign up for the event and for the chinese food by clicking here!

We would love to see you Thursday, March 23!
Playing is in our nature