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Past Lectures

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List of Previous Hendrik de Waard Lectures

  • 2018: Rebecca Smethurst, Supermassive Black Holes: The Ultimate Galaxy Eaters?
  • 2017: David Awschalom, Beyond Electronics: Abandoning Perfection for Quantum Technologies
  • 2016: Marcus du Sautoy, Finding Moonshine: A Mathematician's Journey Through Symmetry
  • 2015: Aubrey de Grey, How Medicine may eliminate aging
  • RUG lustrum: Lord Martin Rees (Crafoord Prize 2005), From Mars to the multiverse
  • 2014: Prof. John-Dylan Haynes, Brain Reading: Facts versus Science Fiction
  • 2013: Prof. Eduard Hovy, Computers: form understanding language, to understanding us
  • 2012: Sir Harold Kroto (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1996), Science, Lost in Translation?
  • 2011: Jocelyn Bell-Burnell (Herschel Medal 1989), Will the world end in 2012?
  • Silver Jubilee: Rashid Sunyaev (Bruce Medal 2000), The Secrets of the Big Bang
  • 2010: Joachim Ullrich (Leipniz Award 1999), Ultra-Brilliant Light for Science
  • 2009: Robert Kennicutt (Gruber Prize 2009), The invisible Universe
  • 2008: George Whitesides (National Medal of Science), Questions about questions about the origin of life
  • 2007: William Bialek, Physics Problems in Early Embryonic Development
  • 2006: Jerry Atwood, Molecular Capsules
  • 2004: Peter Vettiger, Micromachines rewrite the future of data storage
  • 2002: Valery V. Nesvizhevsky, Gravity leaps into the quantum world
  • 2001: Lene Hau, Walking at the speed of light
  • 1999: Lawrence M. Krauss, The Physics of Star Trek
  • 1998: Edward van den Heuvel, Neutron Stars, Black Holes and Cosmic Explosions
  • 1997: Samuel Williamson, Magnetic Investigations of Human Brain Functions. (Past away in 2005)
  • 1996: Herbert Walther, Quantum Optics of a Single Atom. (Past away in 2006)
  • 1995: Ahmed Zewail (Nobel Prize Chemistry 1999), Femtoscopy, seeing at the speed of light
  • 1994: Roger Penrose, Shadows of the mind
  • 1993: Wolfgang Ehrfeld, 3D microstructures
  • 1992: Heinrich Rohrer (Nobel Prize 1986), Experimenting on the nanometer scale
  • 1991: Richard Smalley (Nobel Prize 1996), Buckyballs, great balls of carbon
  • 1990: Thomas Rosswall, Man and the global environment
  • 1989: Sandy Primrose, The biotechnology revolution
  • 1988: Makato Nagao, Machine translation and beyond
  • 1987: Desmond Smith, Computing with the speed of light