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The Fysisch-Mathematische Faculteitsvereniging (FMF) has since many years direct contact with several companies. The latest vacancies companies have and internships they offer for FMF members are displayed on the 'career' page. Companies can come into contact with students studying in exact sciences at the University of Groningen by collaborating with the FMF.

Why the FMF?

Members of the FMF are highly educated and are used to work independently or quickly learn and understand new complex matter. Many students have learned or improved their social and communicative skills in doing their studies, work for the association or other extracurricular activities and have encountered organizing structures and working in teams.

In short: Our members are very interesting for companies.


This is why we would like to give the possibility to profile your company among our members. They will remember you better than other companies once they are graduated and enter the job market. It is possible to get familiar among our members in either a formal or informal way. We distinguish passive and active collaboration. Passive collaboration means advertising and brand visibility. The activities we organize in collaboration with companies range from lectures to excursions and from symposiums to many informal activities.

Please contact us if you want more information. Our commissioner of external relations is the contact for companies and will be pleased to help you. He can give you all the possibilities for collaborating with the FMF. You can contact her as follows:

Miranda Buil
Commissioner of External Affairs
+31 (0)50 363 4948