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Room opening times

As the exams are almost over, and the week before the re-exams is a really busy week for the board, the opening times of the members room will be irregular. It looks like next Monday and Friday the room will still be open, Tuesday maybe for a short time, and Wednesday and Thursday it will be closed.

Location announcement GBE!

It's official: GBE 2019 will go to Chile and Argentina! Under the name "Lejano" -- which means "far away" in Spanish -- we will be hosting the trip of a lifetime to the Latin American continent. We'll visit a diverse range of companies, universities, extraordinary places and cultural jewels. Plus, you get to hang with fellow FMFers and generally have an awesome time, what could be better? Interested? Head on over to gbe.fmf.nl for more information and, most importantly, the signup list. See you on the trip!

GMA 14-06-2018

The next GMA is held on the 14th of June, 2018 at the Nijenborgh 4 in room 5114.0004. The GMA starts at 17:00. We will arrange to order pizza for everyone who wants to be present. There will be a long break to eat this pizza or other dinner.


On May 9 from 10.45 to 16:30 in BB 5161.0105 we will be hosting the Axioma Mathematics Symposium. We will have four speakers from Leiden and Utrecht who will be talking about different interesting subjects in Mathematics. Click this article for short overview of what you can expect.

May Month (Competition)

The FMF May Month has begun! Join all of our awesome activities this month and become member of the year! Rules for the May Month Competition: Collect stamps at activities to become the FMF member of the year!

GSb Survey

The research committee of the Groningen Students' union is interested in your opinion on the general trend of more and more study programs being taught in English and how this impacts the quality of the study programs offered in Groningen.


Because this event involves Dutch high school students, only Dutch speaking students can sign-up, sorry! Op 3, 4, 5, 10, 11 en 12 april zal de College Carrousel 2018 plaatsvinden. Tijdens het CollegeCarrousel komen 4e klassers van de middelbare scholen uit de omgeving naar Zernike om kennis te maken met studies die de RUG aanbiedt. Bij onze faculteit lopen ze die dag langs verschillende opdrachten over de studies Natuurkunde, Kunstmatige Intelligentie, Scheikunde, Sterrenkunde en Technische Bedrijfskunde. Wij zoeken daarvoor begeleiders! Natuurlijk doe je dit niet voor niks, voor het helpen van een middag krijg je €15,- en voor een hele dag €35,-. Als je de hele dag meehelpt krijg je bovendien een uitgebreide lunch verzorgd. Lijkt dit je leuk? Schrijf je dan hier in!

Midyear GMA

Dear members, we finally found a date for the midyear GMA. It will be at the 15th of March. So if you want to be there, save the date. We will discuss a variety of association policy. An invitation will follow!

FMF Whatsapp Broadcast

The future is here. If you as a member feel you are not updated enough on the activities and doings of the FMF (if you don't have facebook for example), we have something new that we are going to try. We are going to use whatsapp to broadcast to our members. All you have to do is: Step 1: Add the FMF whatsapp number +31625172878 to the contacts on your phone. Step 2: Send a whatsapp message to that contact with only your name in it.

FMF sjaals en handschoenen!

Haal nu FMF sjaals en handschoenen bij de FMF! Voor slechts €2,- kun je een paar handschoenen krijgen, en voor €4,50 ben jij de trotse bezitter van een FMF sjaal. Schrijf je naam op de lijst bij de NSFW en krijg je spullen, of vraag het bestuur.