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FMF Whatsapp Broadcast

The future is here. If you as a member feel you are not updated enough on the activities and doings of the FMF (if you don't have facebook for example), we have something new that we are going to try. We are going to use whatsapp to broadcast to our members. All you have to do is: Step 1: Add the FMF whatsapp number +31625172878 to the contacts on your phone. Step 2: Send a whatsapp message to that contact with only your name in it.

FMF sjaals en handschoenen!

Haal nu FMF sjaals en handschoenen bij de FMF! Voor slechts €2,- kun je een paar handschoenen krijgen, en voor €4,50 ben jij de trotse bezitter van een FMF sjaal. Schrijf je naam op de lijst bij de NSFW en krijg je spullen, of vraag het bestuur.

Continuous problems with Atlas

Unfortunately, the problems with Atlas are not as easily solved as we would have hoped. Currently, we are hosting toetscie.fmf.nl in an alternative (slightly messy) way, but there are some exams accessible. We are trying to keep adding exams of courses of the past semesters, but this is all we can do for now. As the university is closed, we cannot access the full archive on Atlas.

Atlas back online

After some hard work, the server is back online! If you're still experiencing issues, please send us an email at comcie@fmf.nl or come find us in the NSFW (5111.0053a).

Exam database offline

Dear members, we are experiencing server problems. The old server, which actually still runs the old website, broke down. The exam database is still on the old website and as the exams are nearing we are working very hard to fix it. We hope to have it running in the coming days.

Almanacs available!

After a long wait, the FMF almanacs of academic year 2017-2018 are available! Next Monday, on the 15th of January at 16:00, we will organise a special borrel to hand you these almanacs. Of course, it is also possible to pick one up a little later, if you're not able to visit the borrel.

Room closes after 3

Due to absence of the entire board this afternoon, the NSFW will be closed today from 15:00. The room will be open starting from the 8th of January, 08:30. Please take all the foods that you have stored in the fridge with you - we will clear it out after lunch. We wish you all a wonderful break and a merry Christmas!

LIMO 2018

This year's LIMO (Landelijke Interuniversitaire Mathematische Olympiade, EN: National Interuniversitary Mathematical Olympiad) will be held in Groningen for the first time ever! It is a national event (where even some Belgian universities participate in) where the best mathematicians in their bachelor and master studies battle for the victory of this year. There will be two interesting mathematical talks as well, to trigger your interest even more.

Christmas Roomdrinks

The kamerborrel (roomdrinks) this afternoon will be Christmas themed! We will have some Christmas cookies, A nice gezellige Christmas atmosphere, and of course, free beer!

New Periodiek

The new Periodiek has arrived! You will find it shortly in your (analogue, real world) mailbox. It is also already distributed to some of the coffee corners of the research groups. If you are missing one please email perio@fmf.nl (not all coffee corners are easy to find).

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