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Geachte FMF-leden,

In de ALV-stukken van de GMA van 7 september 2017 hebben wij ons beschuldigend en op ongepaste wijze uitgelaten over FMF-lid Natascha Koelewijn.

Door de Rechtbank Noord Nederland is geoordeeld dat deze uitlatingen (een beschuldiging van een strafbaar feit) onrechtmatig zijn jegens voornoemd lid. Ten onrechte is door FMF inbreuk gemaakt op het recht op de eerbiediging van haar persoonlijke levenssfeer en haar eer en goede naam aangetast. FMF neemt onrechtmatige uitlatingen jegens Natascha Koelewijn hierbij terug.

FMF is door de Rechtbank Noord Nederland veroordeeld om deze rectificatie te plaatsen.

het FMF-bestuur

FMF May Month!

Do you want to be the next FMF'er of the year? Come collect your May month stamp card at the FMF room. Collect the most stamps to win the prestigious title. Are you a bit less ambitious? Your name will be entered into the raffle once per collected stamp. You can win a prize at the end of month BBQ.

General Members Assembly December 13th

During the GMA all members get to discuss and decide on the course of the association. You can come up with new ideas, hear what has been going on behind the scenes in the past few months and take part in the accompanying discussions. GMAs and a representative delegation of members at the GMAs are very important to the the FMF; this is the primary location where you can discuss the policy of the association with your fellow members and the board. Therefore, we urge all interested members to come to the GMA.

Congratulatory Drinks

Almost 3 weeks ago, during the Transfer-GMA, the 60th board of the FMF was installed. We are very happy to be running the association. We want to celebrate this in the form of congratulatory drinks. On Monday October 15th, from 9 pm, you are welcome to congratulate us and enjoy some drinks on us in Café De Brouwerij, Poelestraat 27. We hope to see many of you there!

Instagram account

Recently, the FMF opened an Instagram account! We plan on regularly posting images of our activities to this platform. The name of the account is @fmf_groningen, make sure to follow us!

Information for New Members

Book sales:
Get a discount on your study books with the FMF! You'll receive a discount of about 10% off the normal listed price through our partner StudyStore. When it is time to buy your books, simply head to Book Sale on the homepage of the FMF website. You do need to be a member of the FMF, but even buying one book via us is profitable for you!

Location announcement GBE!

It's official: GBE 2019 will go to Chile and Argentina! Under the name "Lejano" -- which means "far away" in Spanish -- we will be hosting the trip of a lifetime to the Latin American continent. We'll visit a diverse range of companies, universities, extraordinary places and cultural jewels. Plus, you get to hang with fellow FMFers and generally have an awesome time, what could be better? Interested? Head on over to gbe.fmf.nl for more information and, most importantly, the signup list. See you on the trip!

GMA 14-06-2018

The next GMA is held on the 14th of June, 2018 at the Nijenborgh 4 in room 5114.0004. The GMA starts at 17:00. We will arrange to order pizza for everyone who wants to be present. There will be a long break to eat this pizza or other dinner.


On May 9 from 10.45 to 16:30 in BB 5161.0105 we will be hosting the Axioma Mathematics Symposium. We will have four speakers from Leiden and Utrecht who will be talking about different interesting subjects in Mathematics. Click this article for short overview of what you can expect.

May Month (Competition)

The FMF May Month has begun! Join all of our awesome activities this month and become member of the year! Rules for the May Month Competition: Collect stamps at activities to become the FMF member of the year!