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New Periodiek

The new Periodiek has arrived! You will find it shortly in your (analogue, real world) mailbox. It is also already distributed to some of the coffee corners of the research groups. If you are missing one please email perio@fmf.nl (not all coffee corners are easy to find).

FMF pen reclame

Room closed during Symposium

Tomorrow the annual FMF symposium will be held in the Bernoulliborg. Since the board (and a lot of members) will be attending the symposium all day, the NSFW will be closed from 09:00 and onwards.


Tonight is already the first GMA (General Members Assembly) organised by the 59th board. The appeal GMA. We hope that lots of members show up to make sure that the decisions made represent the course that the members want to take.

Room closed

Today the members room won't be open after 16:45 as we are all going to the Mystery Hunt organised together with Francken.

Happy Birthday

As this association was established on the 5th of November in 1959, today is the fifty-eighth birthday of the FMF. Let's celebrate this by studying even harder today to get the best grades out of your exams you could possibly get. In the next week, we can have a drink to the next 58 years, for example coming Friday in the members room, when your exams are done!

New free pens

We've had quite a drought of FMF-pens in the last weeks due to the last batch running out. Many students were unable to work out their homework problems and to bring enough spare pens to a test. Luckily, just before the start of the exam weeks, a new shipment of FMF-pens has arrived! If you need a pen for your exam, or to write down a joke (and you are a member or donor), come get a free pen at the members room now!

FMF pen reclame

Propedeutic Degree Ceremony

Last Friday, the students that completed the propedeutic phase in physics, applied physics or astronomy received their propedeutic degree. This degree is a sign of all the hard work these students had to put in to complete the first year of their studies.

Propedeutic Degree Ceremony

Installment of the 59th board of the FMF

It is with great pleasure that we can announce to you the installment of the 59th board of the FMF as of last night. For this occasion, the members room has a tropical theme. If you visit this morning, you might be able to catch a glimpse of this yourself before we get rid of all this madness. We are looking forward to an amazing year.

Babylon offline due to planned maintanance

Due to planned maintenance in the building by the university, the power will be turned off for some unknown period on the 13th of May - that is, this Saturday. This will cause the FMF-site and FMF-mail to not be available! We will shut the server down remotely some time before, to make sure we have a graceful shutdown. When we fire everything back up afterwards and something is not working, do not hesitate to contact us through comcie@fmf.nl!

Excursie naar Tsjernobyl en Kiev

Dit jaar heeft de Huygens-commissie besloten een excursie van een week naar Tsjernobyl en Kiev te organiseren. Registreer voor 13 maart!