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Do you ever wonder what you are going to do after finishing your studies? Whether you would fit more in a company, a university, or at a high school? The goal of our committee, the WAScie, is to give a glimpse of the possibilities you have when you have a degree in (Applied) Mathematics.

At the start of the second semester we will organize the so called WAS-dag (WAS is the abbreviation of Wiskunde Alumni-Student and is Dutch for ┬┤laundry┬┤). During this afternoon four former mathematics students will talk about how they found their job, how a normal workday looks like, and the way their current job connects to their study.

Besides this WAS-dag, we take care of a Nestor page. You can read what alumni answer to the questions we asked them and some links to interesting websites about mathematicians can be found. Of course also the program for the WAS-dag can be found here, and the Nestorpage is the place where you can enroll for this interesting afternoon.

We hope to see you at the WAS-dag!