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Welcome to the webpage of the Periodiek, the magazine of the FMF. The Periodiek is published four times a year en contains (popular) scientific articles, stories about FMF-members studying abroad, a puzzle and much more. In each edition, the board of editors strives to find a good balance between scientific and entertaining articles. It also strives for a balance between physical, astronomical, mathematical and computer science subjects.

Take a look in the archive to read the latest Periodiek, or older editions.

The Periodiek is is sent to all FMF-members, honary members, and to alumni that donate at least €15 a year. People who donate a smaller yearly amount receive only the first issue of a new academic year.

The Periodiek is also distributed among employees of research groups represented by the FMF: Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and Computer Science.

Lastly, copies of the Perio*diek are send to sister-associations and other contacts of the FMF.

If you are interested in the Periodiek and want to join the editors, then you can contact the board, or of course the current editors. Interesting (ideas for) articles are of course always welcome!

Since the year 2003/2004, previous editions of the Periodiek can be read online through our archive

Since early 2007, the Periodiek is archived under ISSN 1875-4546 by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in the Depot van Nederlandse publicaties in The Hague. Thus, the Periodiek can also be found in the Nederlandse Bibliografie Online.