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The Liftcie is the FMF committee that organizes hitchhiking competitions. At least once a year, the highways, snelwegen and autobahns are terrorized by ruthless FMFers and a city somewhere in the world (although most often in Western Europe) is flooded with bètas. The winning team, the one to arrive first, wins bragging rights until the next race: until the next time a flock of bètas can escape the city of Groningen and another epic event ensues.

Picture of the group in Paris

It is a competition, so the goal is to win, but those that don’t will still receive something that money can’t buy: the experience of a life time. When your time comes, when you’re old and broken, can you ever rest in peace knowing that you never competed in an FMF hitchhiking competition? No you can’t. Don’t become a haunting ghost, stuck between this life and the next: join the hitchhiking competition. Ask your Liftcie representative for more information.