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Most of you have heard it, but Winter is coming.. So what better to do than sit our lazy butts in the sun all day while enjoying an occasional alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage while we still can? The legendary annual FMF-members weekend will be from 15 until 17 May in a ginormous lakeside mansion in the picturesque village of Lauwersoog. To top it off it’s a stone’s throw away from an UNESCO world heritage site (apparently they needed muddy waste on that list somewhere). As we guarantee there will definitely be “Mooiweer” during the weekend, this might also be a great opportunity recreate the Titanic crash with one of the sailboats available for hire. In any case you can enjoy a great weekend with your friends and fellow-FMF members for a mere €30. This includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, pre-dinner mayonaise (It’s good for you), dinner and perhaps a few deep fried potato slices. So don’t hesitate and subscribe by filling in the form below.

In case you are lost and by accident crossed the border and are now taken hostage by some angry Frisians, or just want to talk to the Lecie: Call our Great Leader of the Lecie 0652472920 and buy him a beer if he gives a nice answer to you! If he doesn't take up the phone or just makes some grumbling noise, try 0623260594