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The GBE committee organizes a study trip outside of Europe every two years. It brings together 25 students and 2 staff members on a trip that takes about three weeks. Every student that participates needs to finish a casestudy at a company in the Netherlands. This is a project of about 120 hours where the student uses her analytical abilities to help a certain company. The committee finds these projects for the participants and by doing these projects the committee is able to make a three week journey to the other side of the world relatively cheap. Last year the GBE went to Singapore and Indonesia. In Singapore we partied on top of the highest sky scrapers, in Indonesia we slept in the jungle for two nights visited paradise-like islands and climbed volcanoes. On top of this we also visit a lot of universities, research institutes and local companies to get a unique view of the countries. The GBE before this (2013) went to South Africa. The GBE of 2011 went to Australia and the one before that went to South America. We also visited South Korea, Taiwan, Japan and many more.