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Face screen sale

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The university is supplying face screens for the labs at cost price! They will cost €8,55, and when you buy one you can pick it up from the corona stewards at the entrance of Nijenborgh 4 (the building that also houses the FMF and the labs). See below on how to order them.

For members

If you're a member of the FMF we can use the direct debit to handle the payment, so just leave your name and student number in this form.

For non-members

Please transfer €8,55 to NL86 RABO 0162 2648 60 and write Face screen - your student number in the description field. If you don't, we can't know it was you who ordered the mask.

Example: Face shield - s1234567

We will process your order after receiving the payment, so keep in mind that it might take a day or two for it to come through.

Please also leave your details here so we can contact you if there are any problems. We will not use these details for anything else.