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GMA 14-06-2018

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Created on: June 11, 2018 at 1:43 PM

The next GMA is held on the 14th of June, 2018 at the Nijenborgh 4 in room 5114.0004. The GMA starts at 17:00. We will arrange to order pizza for everyone who wants to be present. There will be a long break to eat this pizza or other dinner.

During the GMA all members get to discuss and decide on the course of the association. You can have your say during the policy evaluation, come up with new ideas, hear what has been going on behind the scenes in the past few months and take part in the accompanying discussions. GMA's and a representative delegation of members at the GMAs are very important to the the FMF; this is the primary location where you can discuss the policy of the association with your fellow members and the board. Therefore, we urge all members to come to the GMA.

The agenda for the GMA is shown below.

The GMA will take place on Thursday the 14th of June 2018, at 17:00 in room 5114.0004.

The documents for this GMA will be available in the drive at mijnfmf.nl, or you can view the physical version in the NSFW.

To keep the duscussion at the GMA as fruitful and succinctly as possible, please email corrections or remarks to the minutes to secretary@fmf.nl beforehand.

For those new to a GMA: To make sure all members can participate, we encourage everyone to speak English at the GMA.

Below you will find the agenda for this GMA.

1. (17:00) Opening

2. (17:05) Establishing agenda

3. (17:10) Minutes of the GMA of 15-03-2018 For Approval

4. (17:20) Points of action

5. (17:25) List of mail

6. (17:30) Membership of Rick Vinke For Approval

7. (17:50) List of installed and relieved committee members

8. (17:55) List of activities For Discussion

9. (18:10) Announcements from the board

10. (18:25) Announcements from board committees

11. (18:55) Announcements from GMA committees

(a) Kascie (audit committee)

12. (19:00) Announcements from allied organisations

(a) Stichting Hendrik de Waard

(b) Stichting GBE-FMF

(c) Beta Business Days (BBD)

(19:10) Recess and Food

13. (19:50) Interim nancial evaluation For Discussion

14. (20:05) Unbudgeted expenses

15. (20:20) GPDR/AVG

16. (20:30) Meeting the candidate board

17. (20:50) W.V.T.T.K. (Any other business)

18. (21:00) Questions round

19. (21:05) Closing